A Q&A with Nikki Crescent!

If you've taken a peek at the Transgender Romance or Transgender Erotica charts on Amazon over the last hundred years or so, you'll notice a certain name cropping up again and again.

Nikki's published sooo many awesome books over the years, she's a huge inspiration, and it's so great to be able to kick off this interview series by asking the woman herself some juicy questions.

So folks, please put your hands together and welcome to the stage, the one, the only … Nikki Crescent!

[Please note: This interview contains affiliate links. Should you purchase any of Nikki's books through the links provided, I'd earn a small commission and you'd still get the product for the same price and from the same store. - Dana x]

Nikki Crescent

Hi Nikki, thanks so much for agreeing to take the time out to answer a few questions about your books!

It's really a lovely day, isn't it? Sorry about the mess, by the way. I'll clean it up before I leave.

Which book would you recommend as a good introduction to your writing?

As lame as it sounds, I would suggest you look into whatever the latest release is in my catalogue. My style is constantly changing little by little, and I feel like I'm only getting better as the years go by. So your best bet is my newest book.

[Note from Dana: at the time of conducting this interview, that's He Won't Do That Again]

He Won't Do That Again'

Which book is your favorite amongst the things you've written and why?

I really enjoyed writing E-Girl, because A) It's a full-length novel, and it's always more fun to explore characters in longer form; and B) I'm a bit of a geek at heart, and while I don't have time to play video games these days, I still have a place for them in my heart and enjoy incorporating those themes into my stories.

What are your favorite themes or situations to write about?

My books are more grounded in reality; I prefer to write about realistic situations, and characters you've probably met in real life (or maybe they are you!). Sometimes I try to explore more fantastic ideas, like gender swap, magical transformations, succubus tales, and so on... but I always come back to realism.

What's the weirdest book in your back catalogue?

I guess that depends on what you consider weird! In my opinion, the weirdest thing I've written is probably A Boy Gets Pregnant. It's one of the more whacky, silly tales I've done. I'm always trying to please my fans, and they'd been asking for years for a male-pregnancy book. I'll just be honest and say that it's not something I really understand, but it was still fun to write!

And finally, what's something interesting about you that readers might not already know?

I'm working towards being a tattoo artist and am hoping to start my apprenticeship this year (2023).