A Q&A with Jane Futa!

Jane Futa is a perennial mainstay on the Transgender Romance and Transgender Erotica charts, always managing to keep it classy yet never forgetting to bring the heat.

I'm a huge fan of her writing, I love her distinctive branding, and it was so great to finally get a chance to ask her a few questions and find out what makes her tick.

So for the second installment in my author Q&A series, please give a big warm welcome to ... Jane Futa!

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Jane Futa

Hi Jane, it's so great to have you here!

Thank you so much for having me!

Which book would you recommend as a good introduction to your writing?

I would say, Big Surprise. It has a little of everything and I'm very proud of that book.

Big Surprise

Which book is your favorite amongst the things you've written and why?

It's sort of a tie between New Medicine and Whatever It Takes. Both are quite different from each other but I love them both equally. New Medicine is kind of a sweet love story where a pharmacy tech helps the main character realize who he really is and it cures his lifelong depression in the process.

New Medicine

Whatever It Takes is just a fun story about spoiled rich kid getting exactly what he deserves and learning to be a better human in the process. This one was fun to write and seemed to resonate with a lot of my readers too.

Whatever It Takes

What are your favorite themes or situations to write about?

I love writing situations in which the main character is caught doing something naughty or where a dominating character pushes the main character out of their comfort zone. Themes that always seem to work their way into my writing are self-discovery, a little bit of romance, and finally finding a way to be comfortable with your true self. I think we all have things we hide about ourselves from others from day to day, things we'd like to be open about but don't feel brave enough. I like to write stories where the main character finally gets to reach a happy level of comfort and acceptance.

What's the weirdest book in your back catalogue?

I'm not sure if it's the weirdest, but my book Sissy Cult is definitely a little strange. All the men in town start changing in little ways, and when the main character finally gets to the bottom of it, he realizes there's a cult in town helping all the men realize their feminine potential. It's sexy and strange and has a touch of romance in it as well. It was truly a blast to write.

Sissy Cult

And finally, what's something interesting about you that readers might not already know?

Even though I'm a writer, I'm very interested in visual art too. I grew up drawing and writing simultaneously and then learned how to do photography in college.

I still draw and take photographs regularly. Writing is my first love, though, so I'm very happy that I get to do it full-time thanks to my lovely readers.