A Q&A with Ava Hayes!

Ava Hayes is not only an awesome writer but a real-life friend of mine, too.

She always thinks up such fun, unusual situations for her stories, and she's one of my go-to authors for magical transformation tales in particular.

So for the third installment in my author Q&A series, please put your hands together for ... Ava Hayes!

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Ava Hayes

Hi Ava, welcome! Thanks so much for doing this short interview with me!

Anything for you Dana! You're the one who inspired me to get into self-publishing in the first place.

Which book would you recommend as a good introduction to your writing?

Hmm, my most popular book is The Wish and I think it's probably a good introduction as well. I enjoy finding my characters at a low point and then elevating their lives usually through supernatural means. The Wish is a good template for what I like to do in my writing.

The Wish

Which book is your favorite amongst the things you've written and why?

It's too hard to choose a favorite, The Transformation Diary, The Experiment, Little Pink Pill and plenty of others come to mind, but if I had to choose one I'd say The Transformation. It was the first time I tried writing something a bit longer and I really like the characters and the way the plot moves. It's light on its feet but still substantive. Plus, I was able to cram in a lot more sexy stuff than usual ; )

The Transformation

What are your favorite themes or situations to write about?

Most of my stories have a supernatural or science fiction element. I also like to take wish fulfillment to the next level. Most of my characters are not in a very good place at the beginning of my stories but through their transformation they're able to make all their dreams come true!

What's the weirdest book in your back catalogue?

I have a book called Exploration that bombed! No one bought it for some reason. It's about a bunch of terrible cadets at a space station getting chosen to colonize a newly found planet specifically because they are so inept and expendable. Then they screw up and all switch bodies on this new world and end up making some pretty crazy decisions. I still think it's really good but maybe it was a little too weird.


And finally, what's something interesting about you that readers might not already know?

I'm a drummer! I've been playing the drums since I was around 9 or 10 years old and I still love playing to this day. It's my stress relief.